The Adoption: A Limerick Memoir

I walk down a hallway within
four sterile white walls of discipline.
I fidget with my sleeve,
aware I might achieve
the very thing I came to get herein.

I Pass a simple small silver bell
by the room where my fate does dwell.
Into the room I do go
where the gavel is Stowed.
I quiver with feelings I must quell.

At the podium the pressure has become
completely insurmountable for some.
But I do not dare hesitate,
honoring this important date;
This is where I can sign for my freedom.

And at last, laughing, we sign the dotted line.
Not another  feeling can ever feel this fine.
In the hallway, I pull the string
And lets the simple silver bell ring.
Finally I’m free, with a family I can call mine.

The court house sounded with a death knell
of a past life I had and no longer care to tell.
I left anew, having rang my own liberty bell.


Thanks to Writing201 for the prompt. I love alliteration. I truly had a lot of fun finding fantastic ways to form phrases with repetitive first letters! The form of a limerick poem was also intriguing and different. I hope I gave this form of poetry justice. I almost always write poetry about my personal experiences – I find it’s how I can get the most raw writing and powerful poetry possible. I don’t know if this form of poetry allowed me to create a powerful piece, as I usually don’t rhyme, but I enjoyed it all the same. Thanks for the challenge!

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5 Responses to The Adoption: A Limerick Memoir

  1. art.pen says:

    This really was a powerful piece. Plus, I really loved what you did in creating suspense! 😉 I think you did more than do this form justice. Awesome!
    By the way, I accidentally deleted your comment on my blog and I can’t seem to find a way to udo that. My sincerest apologies.

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  2. I’m always interested in HOW people write their poetry. Can you elaborate on why you chose to capitalize Pass and Stowed?

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    • femvestige says:

      Ah ha, I was wondering if anyone would notice that! I have always called the bell I rang after my adoption my personal liberty bell. I was paying a subtle homage to the real Liberty bell in which Pass and Stow is inscribed in the copper.


  3. busy lady says:

    Very powerful. Thanks for the explanation of the caps on Pass and Stow. I can feel the emotion of being adopted.


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