Windback Wednesday – The Adoption

Source: The Adoption: A Limerick Memoir


#WindbackWednesday. I wrote this about my adoption, and after speaking with my mother today, felt pretty sentimental. Adoption causes so many thoughts, emotions, identities. Some days I am an only child, and other days I have 3 siblings. Some days I have a small family of 4, and other days my family is so big I can’t count. My identity is fluid on any given day, and these questions in a conversation always leave me caught between the honest answer and the socially acceptable answer:

Where do you come from?
Where is your dad?
Why were you adopted?
What is your heritage?
Who are you?
Do you have siblings?

For some reason, I hiccup on each of these questions. Adoption awareness is important. I won’t dive deeper in this post, but I will say that I hope you enjoy this poem. It is a lyrical limerick reflecting on the most pivotal  moment of my life.

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