FemVestige Etsy

My blog has transformed many times throughout the years. It has been a space for journalistic posts and endless poetry; it has become a hub for thoughts on femininity and feminism; and it has gone dormant on a number of occasions. Fem has melded into an online persona, and as I grow and change so do my blogs.

Besides a passion for women’s rights and writing – I like to read. That is why I have a blog dedicated to reading: Fem Writ. However, when I decided to incorporate my passion of reading into my crafts – I wanted to broaden my possibilities. That is why I chose FemVestige as the name of my Etsy shop. It is a  name that allows for more possibilities and has grown with me as I choose to define what it means. I hope you will take a moment to take a look at my shop and if you find anything interesting, please share with others.

To see my shop, click here: FemVestige Etsy Shop