To look behind and feel a sense of regret
is to wallow in the archaic self.
A past wrought with choices that cannot
be undone or remade.
But to look behind and acknowledge,
Feel empathy for our shadow self
and remember that the energy
of past memories reverberates;
the echoes carrying through time,
enveloping us in
raw emotion.
Remember, and move forward.
Otherwise we could trip
on what we didn’t see
in front, before, ahead.

Feeling vulnerable and alive and dead.
To go underwater, and open our eyes.
Seeing through a blurred lens
and sensing rather than feeling
what surrounds.
Sound coming through in a
morphed or delayed reaction.
Time to surface.
Time to breathe in the air and
embrace the breeze
caressing our cheeks
or stinging with a slap of reality.
Do not float, or tread.
Find solid footing and
dig toes into sand,
allowing the silt, the rocks,
and the water to move.
Accept the imperfect
stones worn with time.
Kick. Splash. Dive.
Avoid the weeds that will strangle,
if you let them.

A sense of foreboding is always present
with the unknown brought forth by
future opportunities and a blank
canvas waiting to be colored.
Do colors just pass us by
and the canvas paints itself
with our hopes and dreams and
Rather, we are the medium in
which our canvas is created.
We arrive.
We scream to the universe
that we are not going to simply
move through the revolving
tunnel of life –
we will not allow things to
happen to. occur without.

Actively embrace and participate.
Allow vulnerabilities  to come forth and
streams of consciousness to
tumble out.
Time to use the whole color palette
and walk forward,
the energy of the past our
momentum to race ahead
with awareness.
We choose this.
To resurge now from our shadow self,
and become bright, alive, and present.
For who we once were.
For who we are now.
For who we will be.


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