No Reservations

A new year, a clean slate;
there is real magic in the way one new day out
of 365 days turns into a
whole new year of possibilities.

How do we hold the conflicts of the day before,
built up over 12 months of trying to change,
and turn it into a clean slate for something new?

When pain and reservations follow you,
how do you hold them in your hands with
gentleness and care? How do you talk to them
and say, “this is what I need to do?”

A new year; but it is a slate that has the lines
of an entire story written in permanent ink.
Our lives are not written in chalk,
to be erased when a new year
makes it convenient.

However, a new year does offer choice;
to take control of our stories.
To write with a new pen and add
on to the written lines of our past,
and pave the way for an unwritten future.

Looking ahead, we must have no reservations
about choices we know in our hearts have to be made.
We must draw on our slates lines of healing,
and care for ourselves as we move forward
into the possibilities that follow.

A new year; an altered slate.
Fill it with color, and hope.

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2 Responses to No Reservations

  1. A very hopeful poem for the new year. Yes, it’s an altered slate rather a wiped one.


  2. nehachakraborty says:

    Whatever be the case, the show must go on. The dark clouds of our past may haunt us but we should unfailingly try to break free of the negativities that have imprisoned us,for, only we can make our lives beautiful. Happy new year


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