The Serenity Award

The Serenity Blog Award is awarded to the authors of blogs whose goal is to spread peace and unity through love and respect, while shining light on important topics.

Feminine Vestige has been nominated for the serenity award and I am honored. I write about women because as a woman, I believe it is fundamental to write about my experience to connect with others, help others, and educate others. I write about love because love is what grounds and centers me. It is how I relate to this crazy world, and how I can live with my experiences in the past without crumbling into pieces. I write because it is the best way I know how to express my thoughts, feelings, emotions, experiences. Through words, I know I can make a difference. My voice is my most useful and loud tool, and I intend to use it to spread peace, love, and awareness to those issues that many are afraid to touch.

Thanks to the Serenity team for finding peace, love, and respect through my words.

“Peace to you, from my heart to your heart.”


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2 Responses to The Serenity Award

  1. shruti502 says:

    Proud of being associated to you via this blog.More power to you!


  2. Ariel Lynn says:

    What a beautiful response!! Thank you for taking the time to write up a blurb. Keep up the great work!! 🙂


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