Waking in Fog

Today I awoke in fog; the sleep would not leave my eyes. I prepared for my day in slow motion. I threw my hair back in a greasy ponytail, and I went. On my way to work, I listened to a book, and that helped remove some of the fog, but it lingered. Then I trained a new employee with a client; he asked so many questions. What does it mean to find a job where you help people? How can I help people when I have so little experience? How do I help these clients develop boundaries when I myself am so laid back? As I started to think about how to answer these, I felt the fog roll over me to the point where I felt like I could no longer continue with my day. His questions and the answers he needs are on the other side of the harbor, and I am in a boat lost in the fog.

When this happened, I took a minute to ask – why? Why am I letting this fog envelop my day when I can let the sun shine? I have so much to share with this person about what it means to help others – so why am I dampening this opportunity to teach? I realized that I did not take the opportunity this morning to appreciate myself. I did not wake up and lovingly acknowledge my worth as a person, as a woman, as a professional. I woke up in a fog so thick, that all I felt was a cold and alone sensation. Some might say, “But it’s Monday. You just need to get back in the swing of things.” For me, if I let that fog take over my Monday, I let it take over my week. This is unacceptable in the world of self-love.

How do we overcome this fog? How do we sound the horn so we can warn our inner selves that the fog is coming? I truly believe that acknowledging our worth and addressing ourselves at the beginning of the week is an incredibly important factor in bringing sunshine into our lives. I looked at our new employee today and thought to myself, ‘Sarah, you can help this person tremendously.’ I pushed away the fog, and I shared with him my own experiences of gaining the answers to those questions. When he thanked me and told me he appreciated my thoughts and advice, my inner self glowed.

Our weeks can blur together and become a monotonous routine that makes life seem more like a fog, where we walk through the haze with our arms outstretched hoping to not bump into anything. It is easy to lose ourselves in that fog, but if we acknowledge ourselves each day, we can become a beacon of light to shine our way to the other side of the harbor.



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3 Responses to Waking in Fog

  1. Anisha says:

    Nicely written! I had the honor of nominating you for the mystery blogger award. Do check it out:


  2. megssaskia says:

    Hi! I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Blogger Award! Head over to the post to find out how to participate. https://megssaskia.wordpress.com/2017/02/07/the-liebster-blogger-award/ 🙂


  3. Hi Sarah, I read this blog today and really liked it. When I read both the comments , both of them were nominating you for awards. Well, I cannot do that, but I can say that, you did help me come out of my fog. So , a big than you for writing this blog and sharing it. Keep writing.


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