Alternative Facts

A woman is raped.
Alternative Fact:
She is drunk.
She is unreliable.
She is the problem.

A woman is sexually harassed.
Alternative Fact:
Her breasts are exposed.
Her skirt is too short.
She is asking for it.

Women are angry.
Alternative Fact:
Women are ‘disgusting.”
Women are nasty.
Women are crazy.

Women are beautiful.
Alternative Fact:
Women are ‘pieces of ass.’
Women are a full blown 10.
Women are magnets.

Women are strong willed.
Alternative Fact:
Women need to be ‘treated like shit.’
Women are not fun after success.
Women need to be soft.

Facts remain facts regardless of alternative facts.
Women are still raped. Women are still sexually harassed.
Women are ANGRY and beautiful and strong-willed.

Women will resist. Women will shout.
Women will speak the truth.
And that is irrefutable.


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6 Responses to Alternative Facts

  1. Brilliant post! Society’s stereotypes of women are still so old-fashioned- it’s time for change.


  2. Anisha says:

    Very well written 🙂


  3. Just Perfect 🙂


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