A Rock out at Sea

Strength, no weakness.
Smile, and no tears.
Shoulders back, don’t slouch.
Stand tall, and proud.

Others fall, pick them up.
Others fail, raise them up.
Others feel lost, find their way.

You are the rock. You never waver.
Waves crash upon you, and they make you smooth.
As for help? No. You are the rock.
Even when you feel you shall crumble into little pebbles,
the waves of other’s keep coming to wash away the pieces
of you that crumble into the ocean of the past.
And behind, you are there, shiny and new.

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1 Response to A Rock out at Sea

  1. 93bnmill says:

    Lovely poem, my dear. Being compared to a stone, in this manner, is flattering.


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