My Tagline is a Book

“I’m like everyone else in this stupid, bloody, amazing world. I’m flawed. Impossibly so. But hopeful. I’m still me.” – The Sweet Far Thing

“But the past cannot be changed, and we carry our choices with us, forward, into the unknown. We can only move on.” – The Sweet Far Thing

I do not know if there is one specific tagline to my life, but I believe if I had to choose one, it would be a book. My book would be The Sweet Far Thing by Libba Bray. I’ve written about her before – well I used a quote of hers as inspiration for a blog that can be viewed ‘here.’

The Sweet Far Thing is a book of growing, of loss of innocence, of choice, and love, and magic. I believe all of those things encompass my life. I lost my innocence at a very young age – and no, I do not me the stereotypical depiction of losing one’s virginity. I had to wisen young, and now that I am older I find that there is no “young” and “old.” There is only experience, and how much one has experienced in however many years is more important than a number of the years the world has held you.

I could choose so many quotes from this book and not one would be good enough. Magic is in the touch of my lover’s hands on mine, or the hug of my mother after a long week at work. Choice is leaving my old job for a new one, and moving in with my partner, and not writing versus writing. Love is respecting myself, my choices, and surrounding myself with those I love. It is all so intertwined that I feel my life can’t be a one-sentence tagline. It’s multiple. It’s several quotes. It’s a book. My past has affected how I live my life today, which is why I included that quote. And I am truly impossibly flawed, like everyone I encounter. No one has got it all figured out. No one is perfect.

A blogger once commented on one of my posts saying my writing was a wonderful depiction of trying to find oneself, coming of age, etc. I understand the sentiment and thank you for your words but I say nay. I believe that we are growing everyday, we are improving (or not) ourselves everyday. I don’t know if anyone ever has truly found themselves completely.

I will grow, I will live, and I will love – I do love. And I hope I keep doing it all for the rest of my days.

My Tagline for my life? The Sweet Far Thing by Libba Bray.

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