Lost in the Mist

We are the mist crawling across the narrow sea,
reaching towards the other in the night.
Steam is rising from the contact of our heat.
The air is vapor from our touch.
We envelop one another in a film unclear
and both of us are lost to the mist.
We give our selves to each other completely,
Our love- wisp’s along the water.
The clouds come rolling in and we are lost to logic.
Our fervor lingers in the smoke.
Our passion brings us to our final climax;
Our cries are a fog horn in the haze.
We have found each other at last.

Writing 201: Day 5 is upon us: clear your foggy mind, embrace absence, and paint with words.

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3 Responses to Lost in the Mist

  1. Very passionate. Emotional power. Love it. Strong impact.


  2. Beautiful images all through the poem!


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