I Am a Falling Autumn Leaf

You gave me something I couldn’t refuse.
An offer that was just right, and a little wrong.

I tried to resist the temptation of you.
I tried to tell myself I was fine the way I was.

You found me drifting in the wind,
A falling autumn leaf being swept away.

Drifting in the wind was almost like flying,
Except when the wind stops, I fall.

You caught me by the stem;
You preserved me so I wouldn’t crumble.


Sometimes the wind can still carry me away,
But you give me something to cling to.

It was easy enough to fall in love with you.
I didn’t realize I had until I already was. Am.

I am an autumn leaf, my colors preserved.
You are my tree, your roots buried deep in my heart.

When the wind comes, we sway together.
We weather the storm, and we still stand.

You are the offer I couldn’t refuse
And I wouldn’t have even if I could.

Two other responses to the daily prompt that utterly delighted me.

First, Serendipity’s Dogging Morning. I can feel your headache, and your delight at being offered a cup of coffee by a loved one. Here’s to you!

And second, Part-Time Writer, Full-Time Fan Girl’s An Offer I Couldn’t Refuse. I agreed with you every step of the way – it’s what I have to say to myself consistently with my career and the choices in my life. There is fate, and then there is seizing our own opportunities. Then I was completely delighted at your offer. YAY YOU! Congratulations! I bet Tom is ecstatic that you said yes 😉

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2 Responses to I Am a Falling Autumn Leaf

  1. Katie says:

    Awww. I appreciate the mention. And boy, having Tom Hiddleston in my life would make everything worth while. haha.

    P.S. Your poem is beautiful. 😀


  2. I love the way you always equate yourself with an emotion rather than a person; beautifully written.

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