Rising From The Ashes

I remember, we used to cry alone;
Our heart bled until there was nothing left.
We used to lick our wounds under cover
and then put on a brave face for the world.

Sometimes I remember those lonely days.
Pain, suffering, and sadness; a blanket.
You were a kind of comfort for me then,
Staring back at me with the same sad eyes.

Who better to console ourselves then us?
Me and I are our own worst enemy.
Yet we tend to be our own best friend, too.
No one will know me as well as you did.

The fire came fast, with little mercy.
I wish I could have taken you with me,
But I must let you, this part of me, die.
My reflection must burn; I let you go.

From the ashes, a new me must rise.


This daily prompt was intriguing. I didn’t do the prompt yesterday, because I didn’t feel inspired. Ironically enough, it’s what we leave behind that got me thinking. What would I leave behind in a fire? Then I thought of the pheonix, who burns in death and arises new from the ashes. Often times, fire is only thought of as a terrible thing, and it is. I know those who have lost loved ones in fires, and if not loved ones then cherished possessions that can never be given back. However, it’s also a way of cleansing, of being warm, of rising above. I remember back to a time in my life where I was my own worst enemy, and my own best comfort. No one could understand me or what I was feeling better than I, but I had to let that mentality which was so self-harming go in order to start a clean slate and move on. I let go of that reflection of myself and now when I look in the mirror, I see a face I love. I painted this image of myself just after that phase in my life to demonstrate the true colors inside me; a self portrait. I look at it now and see myself rising from the ashes; a better self, a happier self.

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One Response to Rising From The Ashes

  1. dreierjo says:

    I like the idea of taking tragedy – a house burning – and turning into a form of self-renewal. Combined with the concept of being able to identify parts of yourself that are holding you back, it can be quite transformative


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