Pain is felt in the fire.

Caution: sensitive material in this post.

A fireside chat with the darkness.
He finds me in my dreams.
That night replays in my mind.
What if I had said no?
What if I did not drink?
A scar is on my back.
One bigger is on my soul.
The pain seems to be endless.
Shall I break glass to heal?
I am already a glass broken.
Fragile and clear; I’m see through.
My tears are feeding the ashes.
Will this fire burn through me?
Will this fire burn him up?
I look up, no longer alone.
You sit, taking my two hands.
You shed my tears, my soul.
You gather the shards, cutting skin.
You peel me; I am barren.
The fire burns with my pieces.
You feed the fire what’s left;
the dark memory that is him.
I shake; the air smells burnt.
The fire is roaring with him.
I am almost cleansed, for me,
For you. Free from this monster.
New skin is underneath these burns.
Me, third degree – you, second degree.
I will heal, we will heal.
Together, by this fireside, we love.
We forget him. He is gone.

Daily Prompt: Fireside Chat

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One Response to Pain is felt in the fire.

  1. Kate says:

    Wow. It makes me hope you are ok, so deep but is there more pain than I knew you had. Am I a terrible friend for not noticing your demons?

    Moving. So glad you have healed!!


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