We Are Infinite

I am infinite. I am in a place where there is no pretense, no pressing worries to keep me breathing lightly and sleeping restlessly. I am encircled by a fierce protection that allows me to just be present, idle. I do not need to think, I do not need to breathe. A brush of kindness and love is gently placed upon my neck. I need not move or disturb this moment. I am infinite. I close my eyes and let myself fall deeper, sinking into this space. That is when I hear it; a soft lullaby that repeats over and over against my chest until it blends together. Two rhythms meshing into one single whole heart beat. His lips brush mine and I could gladly stay here forever. We need not think while encompassed in each other’s arms, our love enveloping us until that is all we lay upon – a foundation of each other’s souls, lay barren. We are vulnerable, we are strong. My eyes open to stare into his, smoky brown into sage green. I do not wonder what is behind those eyes, what thoughts or feelings might be hiding from me there. I do not need to; I see a reflection of everything I have to offer him and know I will never not be loved by this man. I will gladly stay here, for we are infinite.

A response to the Daily Post.

My prompt: Heart Beat.

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2 Responses to We Are Infinite

  1. Kate says:

    Captivating! This is exactly how I feel with te love of my life too!!! Infinitely at peace with the person better than my dreams!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. beagle5 says:

    Yep, definitely a great start to blogging!


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